March 17th, 2009


Sunny day in March

Happy hellos to my LiveJournal friends. I just re-upped my LJ.

WIth the new Facebook update came some new features to tie-in streams from just about any RSS service. For Facebook, that now means that my public blog entries stream in as Notes. I had only gravitated away from "macro-blogging" to micro-forms after much remorse over the fractured forms of my web life. when I finally resolved some longtime antipathy to cell phone services in the form of <<fetish>> my new iPhone, which I'm paying for by running an online store (a chain of storelets on various sites and soon to come my won ZenCart-based store (although am considering Drupal as well as being more feature packed).

I'm glad to have some of these divergent sites converge in a successful way for me. I'm still here, 47, not too troubled, but not unencumbered. Happy in my new house and look forward to making the most of the days and weeks ahead in spring 2009.
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