March 19th, 2009


DBA innerSword

A lot of things broke in the past day.

I've been walking around with a chip on my shoulder, partly for good reason, partly in an unhealthy holdover from the past.

Antiques? Hmm...well, maybe. There's two sides to every story but it is of no concern any longer. Apologies: the reproofs of instruction are the way of life, my man. No more being very un-dude for now. Pabby was sweet; made pistachio pudding, and dinner--to which I awoke after a slamsleep of despair that went from 1700 to near 2000.

So, some, postponed, bureaucracy no longer postponed, more paperwork ahead--this is Amerika, land of paperwork and printer ink ain't free; a near "quit" job from something that needn't be quit. Suddenly, I found myself listing books online, filing a DBA through LegalZoom (convenient, perhaps cheaper, but it's done). Read: taking it seriously. I've got some stock.

Over the night, some reviews of Adobe Flex whitepaper came in. So, a few changes to make, and once and for all--some solid hours on my JavaScript project. New readings ahead as well, but only not the sci-fi and/or non-fiction I'd prefer--instead--a stack of technical stuff that I am no longer going to hate.

Today, the NCAA men's basketball tourney begins, let it be wallpaper to heal by.

Work and basketball

Finished a 2nd draft on my white paper about Adobe Flex testing using S.CT. (my employer's product)--being very productive given that I'd MUCH rather be watching NCAAs. Keeping track of the scores with a ticker. I listed most of the rest of the Travers lot of books over the past 24 hours...and as a result of that and other efforts...sales are back up to a reasonable level. Ordered supplies, need to find a notary for my DBA...anyone know a notary nearby? It's a beautiful, partly cloudy spring day here in high 50s.