March 25th, 2009


Whirlwind week

A rapid fire succession of cascading waves of work work...bit more gunk...did enjoy teaching TKD last night though and think it was the best class in a while (even throwing out that it was the first with all the current students present in a month's time)...I'm over recent setbacks and looking for my next move. If only I could catch up with all the waves if not catchawave. Old refs: The Duke of Chou, everyday, make it new

No lists. I'll not list them. Old and new obstacles--more to learn than could ever be learned--and no time in which to do that--but remain calm, please. My items relate to decisions about running a (very) small business, the fact that I'm already running that makes two when you get down to it, & although my client is one big'un at the present...I can only plan for Plan B, Plan C with respect to work in this given world.

I haven't hated it, though, and aw, I'm alright. Enjoying increased use of Skype with old friends, bassetball, starting tomorrow got to overturn the mania to catch up and get a good session at the gym, maybe a run, and get that going...I'm the meanest boss I ever had...but now that I'm righteous again in my own efforts--it's time to clear off a few hours here-n-there. Laterz.
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