March 28th, 2009



More trips down memory lane to get this Saturday started with my absolute contemporary, Jimmy Somerville...born three months before me in the UK...a contemporaneity made more personal by my friendship with another Glaswegian & martial arts instructor. Of course, the Bronskis were initially just as well known for "reclaiming" gay disco anthems from the "divas" who had by this time performed ritual disavowals over (then) HTLV-III (sic)...Donna Summers particularly. And since those songs come couched in their original "subtexts" easier for them to log into the UK Top 20 with several hits and at least penetrate renascent American dancefloors (at that time, largely only in gay bars anyhow). Clearing the way for an industrial disco document of liberation--informed by and quoting Joy Division and representing a step towards IDM in general--this was not your older sister's disco.

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