Coach (of course) (tkdcoach) wrote,
Coach (of course)

Last day of March

Spent a late evening & early morning coming up with a report form for my consignment arrangements (no thanks to QuickBooks!) in Excel, overall I was able to get what I needed done. // In that light, and in light of Sunday night, I am in a more determined mood than ever regarding not just accounting & money but with respect to the overall organization of my household. Recent gains have been impressive, let's "get 'er done!"

Looking forward to the next two weeks' challenge to bring my books into the 21st century, track income and expenses in a clearcut, efficient manner, so that my fledgling small business can become a significant part of my household's future. //

For some reason, late night got me into a tangent with 80s underground & hardcore, ah rebellion in process. // Got up and paid my bills since this is a pay day. // My release notes meeting was postponed due to an Edgar Sosa board meeting--so be it! Turning to the next tasks, which are various Phase II topics and listing them out, retracing old email threads around them. // It's a rather gloomy day for Spring, but buds and blooms suggest there are a few things more to April than cruelty & taxes. //
Tags: household
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