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Coach (of course)


Why pudding? It started with P. buying pistachio instant pudding, sugar-free, a few weeks ago. While the flavor of the instant was not too bad the whole incident reminded me that in the past I used to experiment with making things ordinarily out of my reach--I had a food processor at the time. I made chocolate mousse back then. Pretentious eh?

Anyhow, last week I attempted chocolate pudding on a whim and failed miserably. So I had to make it again and tonight turned out to be that night. My household arts degrading or what?...and so...a second attempt and a decent puddy--rich and creamy chocolatey dollops of luscious pudding. I recall that Indian buffets started the recent pudding trend with me--mango and firni would be fun to try. To serve I put frozen raspberries in some red wine goblets and poured the partly cooled mass over that and a decorative rasp on top. Another nice variation would be to use raspberry jam in a middle layer or whipped cream. The lads helped me out by eating the result even though we are strapping good fit felllowes, by and large. //

Earlier the day was: Edgar Sosa, then mailroom aka indoggin', then dinner (P. pulled together another nice one for the team), and a movie, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. This worked pretty well, significant 'Mo subtext to keep it all real. Reminded me a bit of 200 Cigarettes. //
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