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Pabby and I sat up working on the store last night as M. cleared out for a tax trip north, it was that hollow Sunday night feeling one gets when not everything in life is as it should be. // We shared that as best we could--and then P. on the books for consignment payouts--and me listing the last of the JP beat collection...lots of value in there...think have found a workaround for the Slum Books non-import issue, maybe, won't know 'til I try it...anyone have QB (aka Slum Books) discs for Windows? // Also, work adding up the income and expense accounts to arrive at a raw figure for taxes must begin. // We have had the biggest month since Oct 2008 in sales, largely due to new inventory listings that've been sitting in the basement closet for the past six months. I don't recall being lazy, however! // Also, we did finally make my goal--to do 30% Plus of our business on sites other than Amazon (means keeping more of our own take, Amazon is greedy! no loyalty there!).

On the tech writer front, got lots of small backlog articles that I hope to get done this week--feelin' a bit like a leaf in the wind as assignments come in off-the-cuff and then they seem to be ...forgotten in time. Also, the thrice rescheduled Release Notes process meeting is tomorrow morning. //

Hope, faith, and love

...but the greatest of these is love. Amen.

"Sing about it, yeh talk about it, yeh talkin' 'bout love"

Steve Forbert.

Not necessarily Paul (aka Saul).

                   I had my _________, now I'm holy.

Meh. So, in 2009, threatened by insolvency and the Mayan calendar (sic or snicker? yer basic B movie plot as reality, thanks Leonard Nimoy & Dr Spock). Collapse )


More trips down memory lane to get this Saturday started with my absolute contemporary, Jimmy Somerville...born three months before me in the UK...a contemporaneity made more personal by my friendship with another Glaswegian & martial arts instructor. Of course, the Bronskis were initially just as well known for "reclaiming" gay disco anthems from the "divas" who had by this time performed ritual disavowals over (then) HTLV-III (sic)...Donna Summers particularly. And since those songs come couched in their original "subtexts" easier for them to log into the UK Top 20 with several hits and at least penetrate renascent American dancefloors (at that time, largely only in gay bars anyhow). Clearing the way for an industrial disco document of liberation--informed by and quoting Joy Division and representing a step towards IDM in general--this was not your older sister's disco.

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The Gate

The Gate (A History)

The gate to the transformer
in the alley behind miracle #32
that abuts history at a right angle,
Also abuts your mind.

The alley's made of cobblestone, and
the abutment smells of honeysuckle,
the stones wear well, except the one
 that rots, being made of wood,
that trips you when winter heaves
the frozen ground.

A place for the cable car turnaround,
now abandoned, is marked by a steel
rail that flares onto the main road
from this lesser alley, that hides the
old conductor's longtime scream

"Turk Street, Turk Street,
get your bread and get your meat!".

What is horror but the paint factory
smell within sight of the woods
that live beside the transformer
just off the alleyway that buries
the cable car rail? And those cries?

The children play, honeysuckle
strangles the old boards --
a fence that saves them shock.
The rail juts into the main, and
the conductor, railman, is a ghost
when the turpentine fills you
with a willingness to die.

5 May 1996
James A. Gardner

©1996, 2000, 2009 by Pen & Sword

Old, good friends

Really have to thank my oldest good friend, Chas, for discovering the "I Blinked Once" video on YouTube that's been rolling around in my head for the past day (from Streets of This Town). He posted it last week, but being busy, it took me a while to get around to it. This song affected me greatly in the late 80s...but I first discovered Forbert when I was a senior in high school and working for the family business after school (a block away in the Brown Hotel)--listening to everything I possibly could--and saw a notice in The Rolling Stone about "Alive on Arrival" during lunch in the lunch "room" at Progressive Optical in the Speed Building (Arthur Loomis, architect). I went and bought it immediately at Vine Records (or did they order it for me, hmm?) on 4th Street just a half-block from my Dad's and Progressive Optical's office. I found the record immediately is my any rate I was soon in love with it--Goin' Down to Laurel, Big City Cat, a great record all the way around.

We just saw Steve Forbert at Gerstle's Tavern last week, btw. Enjoyable show if somewhat obstructed by the tavern management's indecision over sports vs. live music. At any rate, we've been back around to contemplating the many "phases of the age of the time(s)" with respect to Forbert in our lives. We stuck with Steve through Streets of This Town (an American masterpiece, frankly) when I had my old apartment on Jaeger Avenue...those were good times...we hardly knew it. The American in Me, and for me personally having moved to San Francisco in 1994--The Mission of the Crossroad Palms entirely personal and poignant--"count the miles on the highway, San Francisco today" felt like Steve followed me to California along my phasic age.

Nevertheless, remorsefully, I missed Steve live at Phoenix Hill in the 80s and a few other times, I missed Steve appearing in California a time or two. Missed, missed, and missed, until last week.

This morning I'm working on a few new articles in Find Out How and determined to bring a solid week to a solid close. Otherwise, I blinked once and it was gone.


Whirlwind week

A rapid fire succession of cascading waves of work work...bit more gunk...did enjoy teaching TKD last night though and think it was the best class in a while (even throwing out that it was the first with all the current students present in a month's time)...I'm over recent setbacks and looking for my next move. If only I could catch up with all the waves if not catchawave. Old refs: The Duke of Chou, everyday, make it new

No lists. I'll not list them. Old and new obstacles--more to learn than could ever be learned--and no time in which to do that--but remain calm, please. My items relate to decisions about running a (very) small business, the fact that I'm already running that makes two when you get down to it, & although my client is one big'un at the present...I can only plan for Plan B, Plan C with respect to work in this given world.

I haven't hated it, though, and aw, I'm alright. Enjoying increased use of Skype with old friends, bassetball, starting tomorrow got to overturn the mania to catch up and get a good session at the gym, maybe a run, and get that going...I'm the meanest boss I ever had...but now that I'm righteous again in my own efforts--it's time to clear off a few hours here-n-there. Laterz.
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Work and basketball

Finished a 2nd draft on my white paper about Adobe Flex testing using S.CT. (my employer's product)--being very productive given that I'd MUCH rather be watching NCAAs. Keeping track of the scores with a ticker. I listed most of the rest of the Travers lot of books over the past 24 hours...and as a result of that and other efforts...sales are back up to a reasonable level. Ordered supplies, need to find a notary for my DBA...anyone know a notary nearby? It's a beautiful, partly cloudy spring day here in high 50s.